1 today!!!

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IMG_4615A year ago today the very first group of swimming women hit the water. All 12 girls some more scared than I, arrived at the pool unaware of what to expect or how well the program I had procrastinated over for 5 years would be received. Positioned as swimming with finesse for fitness and fun I am super proud to say that nearly 200 people have been touched by swimming women, Swim[men] or Swim~Girl~Swim in the last 12 months.

I have to say a huge thank you to my closest friends and family who have put up with me banging on about this idea for so long with such patience and encouragement and for my wonderfully clever husband for bringing Florence the mermaid (she is named after my Mum! – thanks mum x) to life and building the website too, along with other cool stuff he has encouraged me to do.

The Margaret River Rec centre has been really wonderful and supportive in helping me get Swimming Women off the ground enabling me to have great access to a great pool and fielding questions about this swimming thing for women that  my mates have done!

But mostly I want to thank everybody that has taken a leap of faith and come on this journey with me allowing me to share my love of swimming with you. Every term I am amazed at how many more wonderful lovely people sign up and agree to let me make them do some pretty crazy stuff. You all make me want to improve constantly and I cannot thank you enough for all of your support and kind words and encouragement over this last year.

If you are around this Sunday morning please come along to the front of the white elephant at 9.30am and have a cuppa. The plan is to have a quick dip in the ocean first. It will be very quick but then there is nothing like a quick submerge into something cold and invigorating to recharge and energise for another exciting year ahead for Swimming Women.