12 Sleeps until Christmas

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On the first day of Christmas my swim coach gave to me…..

Well I am planning and scheming and plotting and if I shared it now it simply would not be a surprise would it! You will have to wait to swim in the sessions during the last week of term to see what fun can be had with ‘the 12 days of christmas’ in the pool.

There are just 12 Swimming Women, and three, Swim[Men] and Swim~Girls~Swim, sessions left before Christmas. If you aren’t sure how many sessions you have left please just ask.

Normal Swimming Women sessions will have a break over the school holidays and regular pool sessions will start again on Tuesday February 4th at 9.10 am. Swim[Men] will start on the same day at 6am. For those of you with friends wanting to join swimming women a new round of introductory sessions will start the following week on Tuesday 11th February. Vouchers are available should you know ‘a half’ unsure what to get their ‘other half’ for Christmas and in the New Year video analysis 1-2-1 sessions will be available.

To get the most out of your remaining sessions for the term have a look at the resources page where some explanations have been added that will help with understanding the white board / swim coach talk and how much rest you should have. You can find that information here.

Perhaps I will see you in the Ocean on Saturday, departing from the white elephant at 8am. If it is rough it will just be laps from the boat ramp to the corner.