One 2 One Video Analysis Session

Most people, depending on their knowledge of swimming, and history with the sport, have an idea of what their stroke looks like, or a vision of what they want it to be like.

However, it is only when you see yourself swimming, from a variety of different angles that you can truly know.

Using the latest POV (point of view) technology a video analysis session will:

  • record you swimming from four key angles including the all important underwater shots,
  • analyse your stroke side by side with you, enabling you to watch yourself swimming and understand the nuances that affect your stroke,
  • look at your stroke in slow motion, freeze frames and analyse angles and alignment providing a powerful tool to understand how you swim compared to current best practise thinking,
  • record and burn to disc all discussion of your stroke for you to takeaway, whilst you jump back into the water to work on the key areas of your stroke that need it most,
  • allow you to swim receiving direct feedback through a specialised headset correcting your stroke whilst the analysis is fresh in your mind.
You won’t be baffled by science, you will be guided simply and logically through the best drills to help your swimming and the key elements that will make the biggest improvements.
A video analysis session is recommended for anyone:

  • training for an event – avoid overuse injuries before they occur, and improve your efficiency to help improve your speed through the water
  • that loves swimming and wants to know what they do – you don’t have to be an elite swimmer to deserve elite swimmer treatment.

All video analysis participants will receive guidance on optimum training for their event as well as their own drill pack of skills to work on to help them improve.

Private Lesson

Perhaps a group work out isn’t your thing, you work away and have to train on your own anyway, or you want to improve your swimming and confidence in the water and know you will feel more comfortable working on your own. A private swimming lesson will help you work towards your swimming goal and provide  key pointers to assist your swimming stroke.

In a private lesson we will:

  • Work at your pace taking the amount of time required to help you feel comfortable with what you are learning. That includes rest too!
  • Work on the areas of your Swimming that you want to work on. You may want guidance with an open water swim, you might be struggling with your breathing, your confidence or knowing what you should be doing at the pool to help you improve.
  • Utilise a special underwater headset to provide instant feedback as you swim, speeding up the learning process.
  • Coach you from the pool deck or from within the pool depending on what is most effective for you
  • Teach you a series of drills to help improve your stroke and provide a set of programs to take away that you can work on at your own pace.

What others have said:

Brendan E, Business Development Manager: “As a beginner/intermediate swimmer the 1 on 1 session with Charlie was an experience which had an enormous impact on my technique and motivation. Having guidance through the good and bad points of my technique really helped define my training sessions for the next month or two. Whilst the impact of seeing my  stroke and the analysis is invaluable, it was a time efficient way to break developing bad habits and cut a few seconds of my CSS time.
I plan to have a session annually”

Lee B, Kids Swim Coach: “By being able to see what I was doing, and not what I thought I was doing (seeing is believing), I am now able to start correcting my stroke to be the best swimmer I can be. The software enabled you to freeze images of my swimming to point out a specific issue, then ‘draw’ where my hand or arm should be moving to or through. Although the prospect of changing more than a few elements of my stroke is a little daunting, I am already noticing the difference in my ability to sustain distances because I am no longer fatiguing myself so quickly through incorrect technique. I am ultimately very pleased that I did the 1 to 1 with you. It is proving to have been a truly beneficial choice. How I was swimming was causing me injury, and not allowing me to progress.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Annie D, Retired Chikka Bella: “On my 1 to 1 lessons the technique you have taught me and your amazing encouragement has given me great confidence and the realisation that I can keep improving. I will always look forward  to future lessons. You are so inspirational!!”

Gary G, School Teacher: “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first one to one lesson with you. Very professional and informative and pretty cool use of technology.Your attention to detail and explanation during my  lesson was excellent. I think it will help my swimming a great deal . Thanks for being informative and funny at the one time. I look forward to another lesson at some stage in the future”

Private Lesson


Per Session
  • Private Lesson
  • At a time that suits you
  • Geared to your goal
  • Own program to take away
  • instant feedback whilst you swim
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Video Analysis


Per Video Analysis
  • digital recording of you swimming
  • recorded Stroke analysis
  • post analysis drill set
  • headset swim feedback whilst you swim
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