Busselton Jetty 2016

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The 21st Busselton Jetty swim took place on Valentines day with a group of Swimming Women and SwimMen sharing encouragement and support to get themselves around the historic 1.9km long jetty and back to shore.

More than 30 people from the Shire of Augusta Margaret River took part in the event. The oldest Dieter Loeliger, 82 years young, and the fastest John Andrews sub 50 minutes, were seasoned participants but the real excitement came from a group of men and women who faced their fears and participated in the solo swim around the Jetty for the first time, even if some entered as a team and just kept swimming!

Originating from the north east of England swimming is not something Jamie Bainbridge had done much of before she moved to Margaret River with her family 2 years ago. At that time Jamie could not put her face in the water and clung to the side of the pool in the deep end. For her to complete the 3.8km swim just 2 years later is a huge testament to her determination and personality. “Quitting was never an option and the feeling at the end of the race, when my fingers touched the sand was the best feeling in the world”, said Jamie.

Other swimmers juggling work, kids and life in general also took on the challenge and were all buzzing from their achievement post swim. Jane Wolf, school teacher and mum of 4 said “For various reasons I never had formal swimming lessons as a kid, so as an adult I had a fumbly stroke and struggled to swim 100m. 2 years ago I signed up with Swimming Women and today I swam 3.6km around Busselton Jetty. I am so excited.”

Many of the swimmers were back in the ocean and pool today preparing for the Gracetown swim, traditionally held on Easter Saturday and the X-adventure in Dunsborough during April. Will you join them next year? The only barrier is one you make up.