CSS Results Aug 2018

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Please see below the CSS results for the last few testing sessions. I have written lots about analysing results in earlier posts so please have a look or ask your coach if you aren’t sure what the results mean.

There are many elements to look at including:

100 time

400 time

200 time

CSS time

pacing drop off

And also think about your lane that day – was it manic. Were you held up or even dragged along? All of these things can impact upon your result. How did you feel whilst you were swimming. Have you been swimming several times a week, once a week, every now and then. How have you been sleeping? Eating? Hydrating? As high performance animals all of these things can have an impact.

What is for sure is that these results will help us arrange the flow in your lane when you swim and gives you a marker for here and now!


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