Easter Challenge

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We have played with CSS pace (if you aren’t sure what that is read here)¬†and finding the right pace to train at. Many a lesson has been learnt from going out too fast in a race or training session and feeling that piano land on your shoulders with a thud. I thought it would be fun, and interesting to see who will rise to the chocolate occasion and attempt the following over the Easter Break, and beyond if you really want to see an improvement and you are training for an open water swim event:

Beginners – Complete as 100’s (4 lengths) with fins on. Try to swim the same time for each 100 and take 30 seconds to 1 min rest between each 100.

Intermediate – do 100’s without Fins and try to pace yourself consistently with rest as per beginners

Getting Stronger – do as 200’s (8 lengths). Hold back on your first length of each 200 to save energy for the end.

Real Challenge – do 300’s (12 lengths)

Eaten too much chocolate and want to really get fit: do 400’s.

For the following set replace 400’s with the appropriate distance from above. Here is your Chocolate Challenge:

4 x 400m on CSS plus 1 second per 25 1 beep rest

3 x 400m on CSS plus 0.75 per 25 1 beep rest

2 x 400 on CSS plus 0.5 per 25 plus 1 beep rest

1 x 400 on CSS pace

If you don’t have a beeper you will just have to use the clock and try to stick to the same time for each swim, getting 1 second faster as you do 3, then 2 then the last 1. Any questions please ask and if you are going to try it let me know. Happy Easter!