Event Details

  • Date: November 5th, 2023
  • Location: Augusta, Western Australia
  • Option 1: 2km out-and-back course with the tide
  • Option 2: 1km walk to the turn around, followed by a 1km swim

Event Details on the day

The Goribilyup Blackwood River is the only permanent water course in the southwest. It is super tidal and flow direction and currents can and will change as sandbanks, rain and other natural elements influence the rivers flow. Please note the event course may change as dictated by nature. Its all part of swimming in awe!


1. What is Swim Goribilyup?
Answer: Swim Goribilyup is a unique river swim event that offers participants an immersive experience in the pristine Goribilyup Blackwood River environment. It combines nature immersion, indigenous education, and the joy of swimming.

2. When and where is the event taking place?
Answer: The event will be held on November 5th, 2023, in Augusta, Western Australia. Online entries close Saturday 4 Nov 5pm. The starting point is the near Turner Street Jetty at Midday. Registrations open at 10.30am.

3. What are the swim options available?
Answer: Participants can choose between two options: a 2km out-and-back course with the tide or a 1km walk followed by a swim.

4. How do I know where to swim?
Answer: We will put brightly coloured swim cans in the water for you to follow, and the finish will be marked by a large finish gate.

5. What is included in the registration fee?
Answer: The $65 registration fee includes an event swim cap, a limited edition MIIR mug filled with Bahen and Co hot chocolate or Ripple Effect Tea, logistics support, and safety measures during the event.

6. Is this a competitive event?
Answer: No, Swim Goribilyup is not a competitive race. It's designed to be an immersive experience focused on nature, education, and connection. Participants are encouraged to enjoy the river's beauty and changing sensations.

7. Will there be indigenous education during the event?
Answer: Yes, local Wadandi custodians will provide indigenous education, sharing the significance of the area and indigenous names for local flora and fauna.

8. How do I register for the event?
Answer: You can register for Swim Goribilyup on our event website at

9. Is parking available at the event location?
Answer: Yes, parking is available along Allnut Terrace, providing convenient access to the event venue.

10. What safety measures are in place during the event?
Answer: The safety of participants is a priority. Volunteers from VMR, surf lifesavers, a doctor, and Swimming Mermaids with surf rescue certificates will be present to ensure participant safety.

11. Can I participate if I'm not an experienced swimmer?
Answer: The event is open to swimmers of all levels. However, participants need to know they can swim the distance they have entered for and feel comfortable in open water with other swimmers.

12. Are there shower facilities at the event venue?
Answer: No, there are no shower facilities at the event venue. Participants should be prepared for a change shuffle in public.

13. Can I wear flippers during the swim?
Answer: Yes, participants are allowed to wear flippers during the swim. Feel free to use them if they enhance your swimming experience.

14. Am I allowed to use hand paddles during the event?
Answer: No, the use of hand paddles is not allowed during the Swim Goribilyup event.

15. What type of milk is used in the hot chocolate after the event?
Answer: Cow's milk is used for the hot chocolate after the event. The organic tea chosen can be enjoyed without milk as a dairy free, lactose intolerant option. With so many milk choices available we had to be decisive on this and are sure you will love your choice.

 16. What should I do with my gear if I'm participating in the 1km swim?
Answer: If you're participating in the 1km swim, you can drop your gear at Ellis Street Jetty before beginning your swim. The labeled bags will be transported back to the finish line for you, ensuring your belongings are safe and accessible when you complete your swim.

17. What should I do with my gear if the start has to move due to the weather?
Answer: In this instance all swimmers regardless of swim distance, will be able to drop their gear at/in a trailer before beginning your swim. The labeled bags will be transported back to the finish line for you, ensuring your belongings are safe and accessible when you complete your swim. We encourage you to stay warm for as long as possible.

18. What sort of start is it?
Answer: Due to the non competitive nature of the event, and no time keeping. We will start everyone off in a gradual rolling start. Take your time getting in, introduce yourself to country, start with your friends or be one of the first off if you want to swim harder.

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