I will give it a try!

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The mind is such a powerful tool when it comes to doing anything, you can train all you want but when you engage your mind the body truly can do anything. At swimming women I always try to find a connection for your mind to work on whilst you swim, I admit some of them are left of centre but hopefully the thought of posting a letter with your hand as it enters the water for example helps you visualise what you need to do.

As you swim you have time to think and sometimes, especially when you get tired, or have lots of things going on out of the pool, your brain can kick in with reasons as to why you should actually just get out and jump in the shower, or can genuinely make you feel panicked and short of breathe. (This happens to me too). This takes a lot of brain power to rationalise what is going on and keep going.

In the last week four Swimming Women traded goggles for trainers and completed the Paris Marathon running 42.2km. Admittedly nobody was a ‘runner’ yet now all are marathoners. Nine months ago none of the girls would have believed they could run more than 15km, at a push and yet they gave their mind the ability to believe it was possible, removed all barriers relating to ‘I can’t’ and just thought,  “I will give it a try”.


‘I will give it a try’ is such a powerful phrase as you can’t fail, and yet you won’t be worse off than if you never tried at all. Everybody that has joined a Swim[Men] or Swimming Women course has given it a try. For many of you I have seen the delight and surprise on your face when the try has turned into ‘I did it.’  So my question to you is what will you let your mind allow you to achieve this term? Focus on a time you tried and did, and let that be your opportunity to give ANYTHING  a go! Just try, what do you have to lose?