I’m hanging with ‘ate

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I sat with Peter my disappointment panda yesterday. I cried, I sulked, got stroppy at my kids, didn’t want to do anything. The thought was once I decided to cease SW coaching, prior to the government ruling, I would feel free and in a strange way excited, but Peter really plonked his bum down hard. I sat with him for a long time.

Shifting my attention to all these fabulous positive people online doing, moving, offering, I felt overwhelmed so I went and sat with Peter for a little longer.

As with most things a good nights sleep worked wonders and thanks to the love from mermaids and mermen through messages of kindness Peter has left the building so I sat down and wrote lists. Lists of things I have always wanted to do, need to do, have to do, budgets to make for a family of 5.

The lists got a bit tedious with so much on them so I switched to what I want to achieve, concepts and ideas that I can hold on to, that will override this time of unknown, of slow, of being, things that interest me and that I always say if I had more time. 

I recognise that I am a human that needs goals and things to work towards. Without them a whole series of Netflix is easily devoured and nothing gets done. With the pool shut for at least 5 months, meaning no face to face contact coaching, no events in the short term, my goals are to:

Educate myself in 

Women’s health

Photography  – how do I make photos look good

Swim knowledge  – there is always more to learn


Painting and drawing – I used to love that

Gardening – what can I grow and nurture

Home space – that is safe for my family


Find new ways to share the swim love and get better at the online methods I currently use


Quieten my mind, be kind to myself

So I ask you, what will your goals be? This is an amazing opportunity to slow down, with time not working, nowhere to go, What are you interested in? Write your thoughts down – science shows we are more likely to make things happen if we write them down.

I’m interested to see what will happen, I may not achieve these goals but in trying, something else may emerge. Its better than who ‘ate the biscuits anyway!