Jump back into the pool with purpose and power

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When you jump back in the pool make purpose and power your friends. At first it may seem like power has left the premises although you may have felt amazing for the first lap then the rest of the session perhaps didn’t feel as so easy. The return to sport can be very cruel, a loss of form and fitness can get you down, if you let it that is. If you swim regularly it can take 4-6 weeks to get back to where you were so I am asking you to be REALLY kind to yourself and focus on a few different things.

With a shift in mindset the first session challenges can help you feel good after all:

Pushing off the wall – it’s something you do at the start of every length and if you set a goal of making each push off the most streamline you can, aiming to get past the flags before you need to take a stroke, your shoulders and swimming will thank you. It also means you only swim 19m not 25 per lap and in streamline it’s the fastest you will move.

Covid Kilos – I own that mine are actually helping me float well, and stay warmer for longer in the ocean. If you have managed to gain any embrace them lovingly. They are a part of you that will leave easier if you make peace with them and let them go gradually.

Timed Swim – Oh I know it puts the willies up some of you but I encourage you to jump in and time yourself for a 200 or 400. Take note of YOUR time. Take note of how much effort you applied. When you repeat this again after a few weeks of consistent swimming you will be stoked to be able to appreciate how far you have come.

Be efficient – Being able to get in long swims for an hour or more isn’t possible at present. But you can get in and get on with it making the 45 minutes you have as efficient as possible. Arrive ready to go with cap, goggles, water bottle and swim gear in hand, then dump your gear on the X and jump in.

So book your next swim and with purpose and power notice how things improve.