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Swimming Women champions women to swim. Our focus is on providing women with a safe environment with no judgement, creating friendships and improving swimming skills for both the ocean and in the pool.

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Charlotte O'BeirneKristy Robinson
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Charlotte O'Beirne


Maritia Lightfoot

Growing Up in the UK Charlotte's love of swimming started early and through support of amazing coaches she competed at Olympic Trials. Coming to Australia as a back packer she learnt how much more there was to swimming down under. Humbled by the power of the ocean and afraid of it too, she began a long journey to over come her fears.

Passion Having kids meant swimming at a ’normal swimmer time’ of 5.30am wasn’t feasible and she felt alone, missing connection of swim friends. Swimming Women has provided the opportunity to share what she loves, building connections, and helping other women overcome their fears. Charlotte can be very excitable, loves the use of a good metaphor to explain things and believes everyone can swim if they feel safe, are encouraged and shown how.

I am a mother of 3, wife, massage therapist, receptionist and swimming teacher. As a child we spent endless summer days in my grandmothers pool and as my dad surfed we were always at the beach. I enjoyed swimming and playing in the water, so much so I was nick named ‘Rish the fish’ by my family.

Results We share a belief that everyone can swim and actually enjoy it. With our knowledge, experience and vision and with my swimming passion I hope to help people enjoy swimming as much as I do!