From time to time, the inner swimming woman, swimming weirdo comes across something new, exciting, interesting or even kooky. When we find something helpful we will post it here.

Coming soon will be a series of good stretches, to help your swimming limbs, some theories on pool ettiquete, to make you feel more comfortable at the pool and also a swimming glossary, for want of a better descriptor, where any swimming jargon we feel you may come accross can be explained.

If there is anything you feel you would like to see here, or know about please let us know.

The Swimming Women Way
Here is a little extra ramblings about swimming women etiquette in the sessions. It’s here to make you feel more comfortable.
In the beginning

CSS – Critical Swim Speed……
A more detailed explanation can be found here:
Swimming Women CSS training
Much of this information is extracted / tweaked from the Website of .A truly brilliant resource by a very fantastic coach Paul Newsome.

CSS testing results November 2014

CSS information

Swim Talk

Swimming in lanes with other people is a really fun way to keep fit and stay motivated. In Margaret River we are really lucky to often have a lane to ourselves or perhaps share with just 1 or 2 others, so sharing a lane with more than that can be quite disarming and uncomfortable for some.

When lane swimming works well the lane works together on the same sets, similar rest time and can really encourage each other to keep going, share the lead and help each other get fitter.  A few little lane rules can really help this along as can a good understanding of what your coach is asking you to do and the knowledge of the code with which they write / speak.

Swim Talk – more on swimming in lanes can be read here:Swim Talk – swimming in Lanes

With lots of people swimming together and different lanes swimming on different paces it is often necessary to read what the coach has written on the white board. This can be confusing to understand.

Swim Talk – more on understanding sets, timing oh and rest can be read here:Swim Talk – Sets repeats oh and rest

The goal of this information is to add some helpful pointers / guidance to make everyone feel comfortable around the pool. Remember….if you aren’t sure always ask.