Swim Smooth with excitement

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I have just returned from 3 long, but not long enough, days of talking, thinking, watching and breathing swimming with the guys from Swim Smooth.  They shared their swimming philosophies, new products (uber exciting), video analysis skills, 1-2-1 swim sessions, squad sessions and open water skills. We discussed what makes an efficient freestyle, swimmer personalities, body types and swim types even swim type dating but that was perhaps a tad bonkers!

In short I was in swimming heaven and my mind is boggling with all of the fantastic things I want to try, discuss and implement with the wonderful Swimming Women and Swim[Men]. I want to talk about; what swim type you are, what your ape index is, your stroke rate, your stroke count, your CSS, body alignment, swim goals, open water skills, the importance of feel….oh so so much I don’t know where to start.

It struck a parallel with those of you who sometimes say “my mind is boggling with all the things I have to remember when I swim, let alone remembering to breathe!’ You know it all makes sense, you know you should be implementing it but somehow all the thoughts and associated excitement are rambling through your brain at once and you can become paralysed by it all and perhaps even do nothing!

But a key message to me from the course was just picking one or two things to work on. Focus on those and then move on. That is what I will be doing, both with my own stroke, Swimming Women coaching, and hopefully even the mayhem that is returning home after being away for 3 weeks. I hope you too can think of just one or 2 things to work on with your swimming. Let me know what they are and we can do it together. Happy Swimming.