Swimming in Numbers

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Swimming Women turned 2 on June 4th and to celebrate we will be holding the annual Winter Jetty Jump. So come down to Gnarabup boat ramp Sunday 14th at 9am for some squealing, a bit of denial and definitely some laughter.

Over the past two years more than 300 people have donned their mermaid swim cap and I have a brain full of treasured experiences as a result.

An unquantifiable amount of pool water has been drunk and snorted, there have been tears of fear, frustration and laughter, leg cramps, definitely legs cramps, head on collisions, random lane changes and even the odd flasher…or two!

I have seen people push themselves beyond their doubts, smash through past experiences of near drowning or too much swimming as a child. I have seen people get to the end of the pool and realise that it all made sense.  Realise that they just swam and it felt fantastic. Realise that they are a Swimmer.

I know there will be more panic attacks ahead, I have them when I swim sometimes too. I know more pool water will be ingested and I know for sure that more people will face their fears and with a steely sense of determination find their place of relaxation in the pool.

Swimming Women is a place where everyone can swim, feel safe, improve and share the huffs and puffs of exercise with others. My philosophy is that if you enjoy it, you will improve and reach your goal be it to swim 25m or complete the Rottnest Channel Swim in under 6 hours.  I am proud to say Swimming Women have done that!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part, including the Swim[Men] and Swim-Girls, and supported the journey over the past two years and if you haven’t taken part yet I look forward to sharing the pool with you in the future.