Up, Up & Away

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Term 2 of Swimming Women is off and away. Margaret River leaves town in winter, off to sunnier climes, and even with lots of people going away on holidays the response to this most wintery of terms has been fantastic.

The Stylers and Stroke group filled up quickly and is certainly one to get in quick for next term. This is a good fun bunch of girls with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

The new Mermaids have done a little shuffling but got off to a great start completing a time trial to calculate their critical swim speed or ( CSS). Many of the mermaids are taking part in the Augusta Adventure Festival and we will gear the next 5 weeks to getting their stroke strong and efficient to help them with the task at hand.

The Dabblers have inspired me. It is so easy when you swim to take for granted that feel for the water and innate balance and confidence where you know you won’t sink, and you will be able to breathe. Over-coming these obstacles as well as learning to swim is huge and these girls are doing a great job. Amazingly when they learn a new drill they actually perfect it much quicker as they don’t have any old habits or poor form to get in the way.

The returners…. I still need a better name for this group and am getting closer……It is so lovely to see so many of them coming along to the sessions. I am certainly dishing out a huff and puff but they keep coming back for more with a smile on their faces and that….well that makes me feel very warm and fuzzy on a cold Margaret River night.