What Wetsuit do you wear?

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With more and more people swimming in the ocean all year and because ocean swim classes are so much fun, but can get a little chilly without a wetsuit by the end of the hour many people are spending money on a wetsuit and asking me what should they buy?

There is so much to choose from it can be quite bamboozling so I thought it would be great to gather reviews from others of their wetsuits to help with any decision making.

Personally I am a Huub fan. Maybe because its an English firm, or because the best triathletes in the world wear them but also a guy I went to uni with and who works as a swim coach in Perth helped with product development so I know when it comes to ladies suits that they haven’t just ‘pinked it and shrinked it’ from a mens size!

Things to consider including wetsuit high fashion with wellies!

With swim wetsuits you need to think if you want to wear it to play with the kids at all at the beach? I wore mine the first time, sat on the sand on a shell and put a hole in it. Frustratingly the better the material (more expensive the suit / more performance enhancement) the more delicate they are. Sometimes a cheaper one is tougher and if from a good brand can still be awesome. A sleeveless surf brand wetsuit may cover both bases.

Body Coverage
Full arm and full leg are proven to be faster due to the increased drag caused by changing surfaces.

Some people don’t like the full arm as they feel it restricts their shoulders…the better the fit, the better quality the wetsuit the better flex the shoulders have. Sometimes it can just be a case of putting it on correctly and having help to do so to get a good fit. Get the material in the right spot on the wrists and slightly below the calf muscles rather than where you would want a shirt and trousers to fit (make sense?)

If you float well you don’t want too much float on your bum and thighs as when you kick you will feel like you are kicking the air. This is where better suits often offer a choice of more buoyancy on the legs or less depending on if you are a sinker or a floater. Ask your coach if you aren’t sure what you are. Generally if you love the pull buoy you are a sinker!

In order to help others if you could answer the following questions in as much detail as you like I can post on the website and we can build a suite directory. Send answers to charlotte@swimmingwomen.com.au and include a photo if you have one:

What Wetsuit do you have. (Brand and type)?
How much did you pay for it?
Does it get holes in easily?
Where did you buy it from?
What standard size bathers are you? What size suit did you buy?
Does it fit you well all over or is there a bit that is tighter or looser than other parts
What do you like about your wetsuit?
Would you recommend it to others?