Whats in a name

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Over the past year I have pondered the best name for the collective of Swimming Women who have completed their introductory course. Today the name came to me, not in a flash of brilliance but more a slap in the face for over looking the name for so long. Once you have completed the Swimming Women introductory course you are of course a mermaid.

This does mean there is a slight tweak to the names of the introductory courses but hopefully it won’t cause too much confusion for too long.  A new feature has been added to the website located on the Program page. Super clever ‘Merman’ has added a calendar in response to the feedback of what is on where and what starts when. Hopefully it makes it easier for everyone to see when you can get in the pool.

See you next week Mermaids and Swim[Men] and for the new Dabblers, Strokers and Stylers I shall see you the following week. Happy Swimming.