Which class is for me?

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There are a few class options at Swimming Women; FUNdamentals, Mermaid, Mermaid and Swim Men, Swim Girls, CALD and now Mermaid Lite. What do they all mean and which one is for me. Read on to find out more:

FUNdamentals: This is our 6 week introductory course. We take you through the FUNdamentals of freestyle, teaching you balance, breathing, what your arms should do and also helping you feel more confident in the water. This course is for beginners and those who have swum previously but want a refresher and a gentle introduction back into the water as well as a fantastic way to learn many of the drills we do in the regular classes.

Mermaids: Our regular ladies only swim classes. These classes are for those that can already swim, and or have completed our FUNdamentals course. You don’t have to have done the FUNdamentals to come to a Mermaid Class if you can already swim 100m freestyle without stopping.

Mermaid Light: This is a new class for Spring 2020. The same amazing Swimming Women coaching, encouragement and laughter at a different pace. We acknowledge that some people don’t feel ready to come to the mermaid classes after completing their FUNdamentals course, perhaps you are returning from injury or fear that the Mermaid Classes are too much for you. Give it a go and be suprised how much fun swimming in a group is, how quickly you improve and how much you will learn.

Mermaids and Swim Men: This is our Mixed class. The same session as one of the Mermaid classes but with boys and girls.

Ocean Swim: All of our ocean classes are mixed. You need to be able to swim 400m without stopping to come to these classes as weather conditions vary and it isn’t the same as swimming in the pool. Liken it to the difference between road biking and mountain biking…similar action but bumpier and you have to be super aware of what is happening around you.

Swim Girls / Teen Swim: These classes are designed to keep kids swimming once swim lessons have finished. Just because you don’t want to train to compete doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to excellent coaching and be able to enjoy the health benefits of swimming. These classes are for Years 6-12. Older competent teens are welcome in the mixed and ocean classes.

You can sign up to any of our classes here. Simply create a log in, become a mermaid member then purchase your swim pass to register for the class you want. A full list is shown on the schedule tab. Happy Swimming.