Why you don’t swim as often as you would like?

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At Swimming Women we want to support you to swim, to be able to meet your goals and reach your potential, in whatever way is meaningful for you. Sometimes we all find we don’t swim as often as we would like and even though we want to swim more we just don’t get to the water. If you relate to this there may be a factor you haven’t considered thats causing it. Lets look at why you swim, what challenges you may face and what blockages they may create.

Your drive to swim maybe to;

  • improve your speed / distance,
  • for physical health benefits,
  • for social connection
  • getting in a routine to get you in the best frame of mind for your day.
  • because you love the feel of water around your body
  • or simply your sanity

What ever drive you relate to there may be a particular challenge or blockage you face that is preventing you from from getting wet. These blockages will be different for every person:

  • they may be technical in some way – wanting to know how to correct your technique or train for that particular event.
  • logistical – eg getting to training, committing to a routine.
  • physical – do you have an injury you’re working with?
  • emotional or mental – eg you just have a hard time making it happen.

Importantly, and particularly where there may be some emotional or mental blockages, we want to hold these with care and compassion. In our experience it usually means you have another important need that you are trying to meet and we want to help you care for that too.  For example:

  • If you’re feeling uncomfortable in some way, is it because you’d like to have the sense of emotional safety, eg if you’re afraid of being judged for your ability or your body?
  • If you’re finding it hard to turn up as regularly as you’d like, is it you’re having a hard time prioritising your needs in the midst of other responsibilities in your life (eg family, work), and if so, why?
  • Are you feeling scared, or anxious, is it about feeling safe physically?
  • Or if you’re feeling reluctant, or bored, are you wanting more of a physical challenge, or for swimming to be more interesting and fun?
  • Or are you feeling tired, and just want to take it easy?

These are just a few examples, of course every one’s situation is different, and evolving. Sometimes recognising the blockage can help us see things in a different light.

We want to support you through that evolving journey, so that you can access and enjoy swimming and so that ultimately, swimming can help support you and your body live your best life! So if you feel you relate to this, comment on the blog, drop us an e-mail or talk to your coach or friend. Most importantly hold yourself with care and compassion.

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