Winter Rotation

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Winter has zipped by and with the first day of spring this weekend, the winter 5 week introductory course has reached an end. It was over ‘oh so quickly’ thanks to a lovely group of lasses who signed up and made the 5 weeks really enjoyable.

A lot of energy, frustration, love, anguish and maybe a few other choice words were channelled towards one particular drill but the impact it had on rotation, body roll, head position and feel for the water was quite marked. There were so many fantastic personal improvements but stand out congratulations have to go to:

Brooke, from Tuesday’s dabbler classes for getting in, getting in the deep and letting go. That was the biggest hurdle and each week it was wonderful so see her confidence grow

Lou-Anne the Thursday mermaid who transformed her swimming stroke, swallowed a lot of water in the process and can know bubble, bubble, breathe with the best of them. It was tenacity in motion!

Friday mermaid Elizabeth who in her own words “I swam 1km today without drowning, still on a high, cant believe this time 5 weeks ago I could barely manage 200m.”

Super Stroking & Styling Lisa N who has put in a heap of practise to rediscover that feel for the water and her energy and love for swimming is very contagious.

I can’t forget to mention all of the swimming women who have been working really hard in the general swimming women sessions on Tue, Thur and Fri mornings and Thursday evenings. There has definitely been some huffing and puffing, a few….I get it eureka moments, and lots of laughs. What a wonderful way to spend winter!